Reigning WNBA Rookie of the Year gives advice to this year’s 2018 Rookie Class

After winning the 2017 WNBA Rookie of the Year, Allisha Gray looks back on her incredible season and gives the 2018 draft class advice on how to be successful in the WNBA.

Gray credits the veterans on the team for a lot of her success, as she looked to her teammates to learn the ropes in the WNBA. Her teammates helped her adapt to life on the road and other aspects of the WNBA, and Gray encourages rookies to not hesitate about asking veterans questions.

With three picks in the 2018 WNBA draft, including the sixth overall pick, Gray has more advice for her potential teammates.
“Just continue doing what got you to this point,” said Gray. “You are going to get drafted for what you are able to do. The way you play, the way you act and your character play a big role and the coaches know all of that. It got you this far, so don’t change it. Just keep doing what has made you successful.”

The 2018 WNBA draft class is one of the deepest drafts of all-time, and Gray thinks teams are going to get really good players in all three rounds. But, as she found out in 2017, the WNBA is on a whole different level than college basketball.
“You get knocked down more in the WNBA,” said Gray. “I remember I went up for a layup one time and got absolutely smacked out of the air. The competition is definitely harder, and you have got to show up each night. That’s what makes this game exciting and what made my rookie season a lot of fun.”

As she enters her sophomore season, Gray is excited to see what the future holds for herself and the Wings. She knows this year’s upcoming rookie talent is great and whoever comes in this year, will add more value to the already talented roster on the court.
Gray and the Wings open the 2018 season with training camp beginning on April 29. They look to improve on a successful 2017 season and make a run for a 2018 WNBA title.