Overseas Player of the Week, Jan 31-Feb 6; Glory Johnson

Glory Johnson has been named Dallas Wings Overseas Player of the Week for her outstanding performance the week of Jan. 31-Feb. 6. This is the second straight week, she has been tabbed the award, and third overall.

Johnson and team Guangdong rolled into the WCBA’s semifinals last Saturday, defeating team Xinjiang 89-78. Johnson led the way scoring 30 points with 13 rebounds. It marked as the second straight game that Johnson led the way for the Dolphins during the quarterfinals series, which gave them a 3-1 edge to take the series and advance.

With the grand performance played last week, Johnson now ranks fourth in the WCBA in total boards, with a 12.2 average per game. She also moved up in overall scoring as the tenth best in the league with a 20.2 average.

Up next for Johnson and team Guangdong is the start of the semifinal round on Feb. 10 against top ranked team Shanxi XR.