Conner Sports: Dallas Wings Dedicate New Court

As Champions of Sport, Connor Sports is proud to announce the Dallas Wings will play on a Connor Sports QuickLock™ portable basketball court for their 2016 season. The Wings purchased the 2016 NCAA® Dallas Women’s Regional basketball court, which was refinished and transformed into the Dallas Wings court.

For Connor Sports the changing hands of this court represent the transition of NCAA student-athletes into WNBA players. Connor Sports is excited to see the transition of this court going from a collegiate level of play to a professional level. Ruth Hamilton, a former basketball player at Oregon State, embodies this transition. Hamilton played on this court in Dallas during the 2016 NCAA Regional Tournament and found out on April 14th, when she was selected by the Dallas Wings in the second round of the WNBA draft, that she will play on the same court in training camp with the Wings.

Even for those players who have not previously played on this court, Connor Sports believes it signifies the full circle of being a female athlete. From practicing in their backyards, to shooting three throws in high school, to competing in the NCAA tournament, to playing in the WNBA, Connor Sports has been a part of female athletes’ development. The desire the Wings organization and athletes have to become champions reminds Connor Sports of why we want to part of these athletes’ development – because we want to help athletes succeed both on and off the court in every phase of their lives.

“Having an NCAA regional court passed off to a WNBA team defines what we believe in as Champions of Sport – giving athletes at any level of play the tools they need to succeed. Whether that be a high-performance playing surface, a supportive fan base or an ally in the growth of women sports – Connor Sports is there.” – Lisa Vito, Connor Sports Portable Manager

Congratulations to the Dallas Wings on the dedication of your new home court and good luck in the 2016 WNBA season.