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June 23, 2022, is the 50th Anniversary of Title IX

The Dallas Wings Community Foundation will be fundraising with Title IX top of mind as we commemorate the 50th Anniversary this year.

About Title IX:

Title IX was signed into law June 23rd, 1972, prohibiting discrimination against gender in any educational programs. In 1984, Grove City v. Bell limited the scope of Title IX. This resulted in Title IX only being used for educational programs such as school programs or financial aid. The Civil Rights Restoration Act reversed that ruling in 1988 which reinstated Title IX having a wide range of coverage. At the time, the NCAA did not have scholarship opportunities for women in sports, championship games, or a comparable amount of equipment. In 1972 there were 30,000 women in college athletics compared to 170,000 men. Today, there are over 150,000 girls in college athletics thanks to Title IX. Title IX required programs to devote the same number of resources to women’s athletics that it did to men’s athletics. This included facilities, equipment, scholarships, medical, and other resources. While Title IX did not offer the same amount of money, it created opportunity.  Title IX decreased the dropout rate for women and increased the number of women seeking higher education. Billie Jean King fought to make sure that women’s athletics would be covered, that Title IX would not just be for education, by opening the “Women’s Sport Foundation.”

This is why we work so hard to honor Title IX. We do it for the girls seeking higher education, a career in sport, and for the little girls watching aspiring to compete at the highest level someday. Title IX made it possible for women to play professionally, for us to be in the conversation, and for women to have a career in the industry. The WNBA is here because of these opportunities. The Dallas Wings work hard to ensure we keep the power of Title IX alive.

The Dallas Wings are thrilled to announce we have launched a 50/50 during select home games this season. Every raffle ticket purchased goes towards the overall jackpot where one lucky winner will walk away with 50% of the total*. The remaining 50% will be reinvested directly into the community.

*50% after fees and taxes

To learn more about the official rules, frequently asked questions and previous winning tickets please visit our 50/50 page here.

You may see our 50/50 raffle in game on:

  • May 21 vs. Minnesota Lynx
  • June 10  vs. Seattle Storm
  • June 19 vs. Los Angeles Sparks
  • June 25 vs. Phoenix Mercury
  • July 16 vs. Chicago Sky
  • August 10 vs. New York Liberty

**Dates subject to change